Urth Caffe – Pasadena

592 E. Colorado Blvd, California 91101

The Pasadena Playhouse style of architecture, Spanish Revival, provided a great inspiration to the architectural features proposed in the Urth Caffe Design. The open courtyard, arched arcade, and tiled roof are some of the playhouse features that inspired the architectural vocabulary introduced at the Urth Caffe. The massing of the Urth Caffe building came about from the fact the project as a whole is a mixed use consisting of three retail spaces on the ground floor with the Urth Caffe anchoring the corner space. By creating an arcade in front of the Urth space it give a clear distinction of the retail spaces and restaurant space. The second floor will house offices with a connecting bridge and covered trellis looking over Madison and patios looking over Colorado Blvd.

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